Is a private accident insurance for children useful?

Accident insurance for children: necessary?

Image result for accident insurance childrenChildren usually live in the everyday life quite unobtrusively. They explore their environment and discover something new every day. And that is a good thing, because in this way they learn to find their way around the world, become more independent over time and gain experience. Even with the utmost caution, one or the other small crash or major accident can occur during the exploration tours of our children. If something like this happens in your spare time, the little ones are not protected by the statutory accident insurance. Then you need a private accident insurance with which you at least have to worry about covering financial expenses.

What does private accident insurance cover?


The statutory accident insurance basically only applies in the event of accidents
• At work
• In kindergarten
• At school
• In the training center
• In the University
• On the direct way to work, kindergarten, school or university

According to statistics, however, many accidents occur in the spare time. If, for example, a permanent impairment of physical and / or mental abilities or disability occurs, you can compensate for the financial consequences with private accident insurance. Depending on the insurer and individually selected components, it includes the following types of benefits:

Disability: Depending on the sum insured and the degree of disability, the insurance provides a one-off payment of capital, which you can use to pay, for example, nursing or conversion costs.
Progression: Many insurance companies include a so-called progression. This determines what percentage of the sum insured will be paid at what degree of disability.
Limits tax: This determines the degree of disability. Depending on how this turns out, you will receive payments in different amounts.
Accident pension: Your children receive monthly disbursements after an accident, with which they can permanently compensate for loss of income if they can not make a living themselves due to the accident.
Hospital daily allowance
Rehabilitation after an accident
Cosmetic operations
Recovery costs
Cost of medical-therapeutic aids

The private accident insurance for children

The private accident insurance for children

If you take out accident insurance yourself, you can include your children in the insurance. The 1822direkt offers, for example, a private accident insurance, in which you can complete the so-called children’s package as an additional component. This includes the following services:

• School allowance
• Childcare costs
• Rooming-In: This means that parents have the option of being admitted to the same room when they are hospitalized.
• Orphan’s pension
• Financial benefits for damage to health caused by vaccination

Is a private accident insurance for children useful? – Pro Contra

Is a private accident insurance for children useful? - Pro Contra


The policy insures your children against recreational accidents / Photo: FamVeld / Shutterstock

A private accident insurance for children can be quite useful. This is especially true when the offspring exercise certain sports with an increased risk, for example, riding, motor or martial arts. The possible benefits of insurance are the costs. Because there are separate amounts, if you insure your children – even in the family insurance. The following pros and cons list can provide information on whether child accident insurance is worthwhile in individual cases.


  • With the policy, your children are insured against accidents that occur during their free time.
  • With the insurance, your children are protected against both self-inflicted and indebted accidents.
  • Services are available around the clock and around the world.
  • The contributions are usually relatively cheap.
  • With the disability payment, you will receive a one-off amount that will allow you to settle the costs immediately. For example, if you need to rebuild your home to make it wheelchair accessible.
  • The insurance also pays for very low degrees of disability. As a rule, the payout increases with increasing disability.


  • The accident insurance covers only damage that has arisen in the context of an accident.
  • In fact, a large proportion of physical impairment is more likely to be due to illness.
  • The amount paid out is eventually used up.
  • If additional costs are incurred, the insured person must cover them.

Do you need accident insurance for children?

A private accident insurance can not reverse any bodily injury caused by an accident. But it can make life easier for the injured. It makes a financial contribution that will allow you to provide your child with the best possible care and support. Pay special attention to the fact that the insurance includes an accident pension. This will not only give you a one-time payment. Monthly pension payments sustainably compensate for financial losses as a result of an accident.

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